Our jewellery becomes the talking tree of a fairytale; legends and stories nestled like birds in its branches.

Whether you have inherited jewellery that you want to repurpose or wanting to create new pieces for your special day, we're here to help you on your journey to create the perfect life story as well as family heirlooms that could be passed to generations to come.

From Headpieces and crown to rings, earrings, necklaces and bangle discover the beauty of our bespoke silver filigree jewellery created especially for you.

Bespoke Process.

  • Book an Appointment.

The initial consultation starts by defining your budget, your ideal type of jewellery and your expected delivery time.


We will help you refine and enrich your vision by exploring your options and we will help you visualise your commission with a range of quick sketches that correspond to your ideas.

We charge you with £ 25 holding deposit for the appointment, which will be cut from the grand total price of the final item if you decide to proceed with the ideas and make the piece with us.

  • Design & Development.

Based on the information's we agreed on during the initial consultation as well as further research afterwards, we will then provide you with three design alternative/ideas in the form of drawings, alongside a selection of materials.


Tailored to your needs, we would then pick the most favoured design and upon receiving a clear payment of 50% of the total price as a deposit to confirms your order; we will then proceed into the making of your piece.

  • The Making of The Piece.

We would love you to be part of the making process, as we believe it helps you understand the beauty of the craftsmanship. So we would keep you updated with each process from design to completion by sending you images of the behind-the-scenes process.

As we take great pride in collaboration and collaborative working environment, so we often collaborate with mastercraftsman and specialist workshop to bring our projects to life.

If the stone setting required, we would schedule a pre-fitting before the stone is set to make sure the fit, arrangement and comfort. If no setting required a maximum number of 3 fitting appointments will be provided before the delivery of the final piece.

Beyond any necessary collaborations in the fields that we are not specialised in, our Jewellery designer-maker, Edwin Charmain, makes all jewellery in our London studio.

Payment Methods.

- Credit / Debit Cards


- Offline Payments