Frequently Asked Questions.

General Enquiry.

  • What material did you use for your jewellery?

We try to source our materials in the most ethical and sustainable way. That's why when possible; we work with recycled metals to minimise production footprints as well as contributing to the sustainable working environment (in relation to Miners and Craftspeople wellbeing).

freshwater pearls and gemstones are sourced responsibly through a well respected ethical gemstone & pearls supplier.

  • I want to buy a ring, but not sure which size I should choose. How do I know what size of the ring is the right one for me?

Depending on your circumstances, you can either schedule a studio visit with us so that we can take your measures, or alternatively, you can:

  1. Find your ring size using, or you could download our ring size template by click here.

  2. Visit your local jeweller who should be able to measure you accurately.


When measuring, please pay attention to the two of the most important aspects:

  1. Make sure you're at a comfortable, normal temperature - cold weather can cause your fingers to shrink by half a ring size, whereas hot weather, exercise, water retention caused by food, medication or illness can do the opposite.

  2. Measure the exact finger you want the ring for - this may sound obvious, but the fingers on your dominant hand are larger than on your non-dominant hand, so don't assume the measurements will be the same.

  • The jewellery that I bought look a bit dull after a month, what should I do to keep/bring back the shine?

There's a lot of aspects that could contribute to this. from the material that used to make the piece to the acidity of your sweats as well as contact with liquid and other materials.

What you could do to prevent your jewellery from losing their shine is:

  1. Make sure you pay attention to the materials used to make the piece. Brass and Copper will be oxidised upon contact with oxygen. While silver and gold would gradually lose it's shine when in contact with liquid such as perfume and alcohol.

  2. Take off your jewellery, especially rings when you wash your hand and doing heavy-duty work such as gardening, cleaning, and similar activity as the scratch from pebbles, dirt and other materials could potentially wear off the shine of your jewel.

  3. Spray your perfume/ hairspray first and allow a bit of time for the substance to set before putting your jewellery on.

In the case that the damage is already done and dusted, we offer a polishing service for you. Please contact us to discuss further in regards to the cost and how long it will take.

  • What about shipping, payment, delivery and returns of my order?

for shipping, delivery and returns. you could find further information here.

while information about payment could be found here.

Bespoke Order.

  • What is bespoke service, and what you offer as part of the service?

For any bespoke service is a highly personalised service by Pusaka for Individuals who require a special / one of a kind piece to be made for them.


From headpieces to rings and accessory for your special day, we are happy to be a part of your journey and help you create a story and family heirloom that will last for generations to come.

More information regarding our bespoke service could be found here.

  • What material did you use for bespoke pieces?

For any bespoke pieces, we are happy to work with any material of your choice. Therefore please speak to us for your preferences in the initial consultation to discuss the options available in conjunction with your desired design.

We only provide recycle silver and limited numbers of freshwater pearls as that is what we generally use for our collection. For materials other than that we could work from what you provide us with, or we could help you source them. In relation to that, please note that:

  1. The sourcing process is considered as a service and we will charge you £10 refundable (Providing you proceeding with the materials that we source) Administration fee.

  2. Price and specification of each material will be quoted to you so that you could have a thing about it beforehand.

  3. Purchase of material will take place when both parties reach an agreement. 

  • What is the Lead-time for bespoke or custom-made order?

We take great pride in bespoke work and we aim to provide you with an experience other than just a purchase. With that being said, our lead times for bespoke pieces can take up to 2-6 months, depending on the complexity of your piece and how busy we are in the workshop at the time you are placing the order.

  • Why the lead-time for my bespoke order is so long? 

Despite the fact that we often collaborate with specialists for certain tasks, Edwin Charmain is the only craftsman involved in the making of your piece, so during busy periods, the leading times may vary. Having said that it is advisable to book a consultation appointment a year before your special day.

However, if you are really in a rush to make a specific date please contact us as soon as possible at to discuss the available options.

  • What about the price? 

When looking at the price do consider the materials used, production process as well a the complexity of the design.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality of materials and services that fit your budget. As we currently do not sell through retailers we can offer you competitive prices and a truly tailored bespoke experience.


  • Did you offer a discount? 

If you trusted us with your engagement ring, and you are returning for your ceremonial rings or crowns we will be offering you a special discount as a token of appreciation for your trust and support to our family.

  • Is it possible to personalised my order with engraving? 

We do offer both laser and hand-engraving services to help you personalise your jewellery. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and costs.

Prices start from are vary depending on your message/design’s size. But it started from £50+.

  • What about the payment for my bespoke order? 

All payments are discussed individually on a case to case basis.

For bespoke and customised orders we require a 50% deposit to be paid as a confirmation of your order before we can start working on your piece. At this point, you will be committed to purchase and the order cannot be cancelled.

You will be asked to clear any outstanding balance prior to collection or dispatch of your order.

We currently accept all major credit & debit cards as well as bank transfers. All jewellery remain property of Pusaka until they are paid in full.

We can offer the option of paying with instalments yet no jewellery would be shipped or delivered until the full amount is paid in full.

Please note that all bespoke/personalised orders are non-refundable, as the pieces are made to measure to exact specifications. If you have any concerns with your order please contact us immediately and we will do our best to help with your inquiry.

Repurposing Service.

  • What you could repurpose?

Any Jewellery that you want to bring back to life. From inheritance to items that you purchase from the vintage market or the highstreet store.

Please note that if the piece has stones on it, it is your responsibility as the owner of the piece to be aware of what the stone is. We don't cover any stone that is damaged during the reparation due to misinformation that is given to us. We could help you to Identify the stones but an additional cost will be charged to you.

  • How much does it cost?

Cost depending on the works, as each jewellery, are unique so do the possibility of what it could become. Please contact us at to inquire and discuss more on what you need to repurpose.

Further Questions.

If you have any further questions that are not listed on the list above or anywhere on our website, don't hesitate to contact us at or simply filled the contact form here.